Performance “A Café’s Owner” by Paval Prazko (2013)


Director: Tania Arcimovič
Cast: Pavel Haradnicki

Premier: July 23, 2013, Minsk

It’s a monolog of alter ego of playwright (the main character’s name is Pavał Pražko, who performed by Pavel Haradnicki). The character thinks about standards and rules in modern society, identifies what is a standard and what’s mean to be infantile; and where could he find a normal person. A Café’s Owner is a manifest of generation who was formed in 2000s and by own looked for a way in a new system of values in Post-soviet reality.

During this work it was very important for me to save a unique of the text (his structure, language, melody which is a unique style of the author). For this we made a display of the text’s fragments on the wall. Sometimes it became a partner for main character, worked as a stage design and created virtual reality which is today one of important part of our life. Also it was interesting for us working not on a special theatre space, but use alternative scenes as a club or bar.

Pavał Pražko is a famous Belarusian modern playwright who is known on the all Post-Soviet territory. His plays were staged in a great number of Russian theatres, and today Russian critics talk about the phenomenon of Praźko’s theatre. He got a lot of different prizes; his plays are translated on English, Polish, Finnish and other.

Duration 90 min.
Language: Russian.



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